Fieldwork Photos



The Amazon region harbors an extraordinary diversity of plants. Although the terra-firme forest is the most representative vegetation type in the area, there is an amazing habitat heterogeneity due to soil types, waterground levels and topography. I've conducted fieldwork in many regions in the Brazilian Amazon Basin during my master's and Ph.D. Check out some pictures!


Tropical biomes have the greatest diversity of plants and animals on the planet. However, when it comes to tropical biodiversity, people are quick to think of the Amazon. The Cerrado has a great biodiversity that is just as important to conserve as the Amazon. It is vital for Brazilian society to come together to try to protect the Cerrado, prevent deforestation, and safeguard the areas rich in endemic plants and animals. I've conducted fieldwork in many regions in the Cerrado during my undergraduate research and Ph.D.  Check out some pictures!

ATLANTIC rain forest

The Atlantic Forest extends along the Atlantic coast of Brazil. The landscape encompasses moist and seasonally dry tropical forests, tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas, white-sand shrublands (restingas), and mangrove forests. The Atlantic Forest is characterized by a high biodiversity and endemism.  Unfortunately, almost 88% of the original forest habitat has been lost and replaced by human-modified landscapes I've conducted fieldwork in many regions in Atlantic Forest during my undergraduate research and Ph.D.. Check out some pictures!