Collaborative Research


Protium transcriptomics

In collaboration with Paul V. A. Fine, Douglas C. Daly, Tracy Misiewicz and Vikram Shivakumar, I am assembling and annotating the transcriptome of Protium copal  Engl. in order to support functional genomic research and provide an array of sequencing markers for future phylogenetic analysis for species within Burseraceae and Sapindales.


integrative taxonomy of burseraceae

In collaboration with Douglas C. Daly and Paul V. A. Fine and Ricardo O. Perdiz, we are sequencing ddRAD loci from many lineages within Burseraceae to generate a complete and well resolved phylogeny for the whole family. We will integrated the molecular results with morphometrics and near infra-red technology (FT-NIR) in order to enhance the species-level classification of one of the most diverse families in the Neotropics. 



In collaboration with Diego Salazar-Amoretti, Flavia Durgante, Alberto Vicentini and Paul V. A. Fine, I am testing the extent to which Near Infra-Red (NIR) spectral data combined with leaf secondary chemistry could be informative to discriminate populations of tropical plant species. We are screening for informative secondary compounds relevant to explain the spectral signature variation of widespread populations of Protium heptaphyllum.

Protium heptaphyllum - PAL 3  20x 0015_mod.jpg

Functional anatomy of protium heptaphyllum

In collaboration with Julia Sonsin Oliveira, I am testing if climatic and environmental variables across different biomes in South America could explain the intra-specific variation of anatomical features within Protium heptaphyllum. Anatomical traits are directly related to plant physiological strategies and we aim to answer if these traits are associated with the expansion of P. heptaphyllum populations across a wide geographic range in South America.